Monday, January 11, 2010

Out The Window

This has been the view out the back window for the past week. We live on a small lake and there is a thin layer of ice over most of it. The ducks and geese have loved it, playing around and gathering in the small pockets of water. The boys went out yesterday throwing rocks and could only break thru in a few spots. Hopefully the warm up this week will melt all the snow and ice and we can get back to normal, or at least above freezing!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Coffee Break

Well, here is my Christmas gift. I have wanted a Keurig for a while and after my dad and stepmom got one last year, I have been a lot more vocal about this want. My boys finally heard me and made sure this is what Glen bought me. If you have one, what is your favorite coffee flavor? I drink Green Mountain Breakfast Blend if I don't put my good old Fogers Half Decaf in the filter. I'm not one for strong and it seems most of their flavors are BOLD! I use French Vanilla creamer and I want to be able to taste that and the bold seems to overwhelm it. Do you love Keurig or an old-fashioned coffee pot?