Monday, September 28, 2009


Well, this is my first post. I should be getting ready to head to Sam's Club to buy fixins for the football team's Monday Meal, but instead I'm sitting at the computer! A little intro to me: I'm married for 25 years with 3 boys . Cameron is the oldest @ 21, then Hayden who is 17 and my baby is 15 and 4 inches taller than me! My husband works for a poultry company in NW Arkansas and I stay home to run the house and take care of the men. We also have a 1 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Brooks, who definitely is spoiled. Well, that's all for now, hopefully, tomorrow I can come up with a real post!

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  1. Hi,
    Your blog looks great! I'm fairly new to blogging too and learning everyday. Our family lived in Tulsa for many years and we would come over to NW Arkansas for shopping and War Eagle. I saw on Holly Mathis' blog that you were in Atchison for Mary Carol's Open House. My friends and I were there too. Such a great place!